10 Beard Grow Tips – Beard Style Tricks


There will come a time in every life of a man when he will decide to grow facial hair. However, while you may think that you will no longer need your razor, you will be surprised that growing beard incorporates a time-consuming routine. Growing facial hair without any maintenance is a common mistake of the rookie. It may not require shaving, but your beard needs to appear like it’s intentional. Men with beards should ensure that it fits their face and their style.

Beard Styles Tricks and Beard Growth Tips

beard tips

  1. Say No to Neck Beard
  2. Give it an Ample Time to Grow
  3. Trim It
  4. Comb It
  5. Wash It
  6. Lubricate it
  7. Exfoliate your Skin
  8. Shape of Your Face
  9. Right Nutrients
  10. Facial Massage

Here are some of the essential tips when growing beard that will help you achieve classy beard styles.

  1. Say No to Neck Beard

no neck beard

Avoid the neck beard at all costs. You need to keep a well-defined jaw line. It is quite a struggle to maintain the facial hair in the jaw line and most men with beards will screw on this part. Make sure that there is a full beard below the chin and around the jaw. How to trim your neckline.

  1. Give it an Ample Time to Grow Facial Hair

time to grow beard

You need to give your facial hair the right time to develop. Most men who are trying to grow facial hair will decide to shave it after 2 seasons. In case it feels itchy, you probably have ingrown, coarse hair or dry skin. By applying the right solution such as beard oil, the itchiness will be resolved in 2 weeks. Stay on course, and you will notice that the itchy part will disappear.

  1. Trim It

trim beard

It does not necessarily mean that you have to look like a Neanderthal man when you grow facial hair. After you achieve your desired beard styles, trim it regularly. Find a scissor that provide maximum control and is extremely durable.

Best Trimming Products

  1. Comb It

Make sure that you always have a comb in your pocket or EDC bag. In case you grow your beard to a considerable length, you will understand how crazy it feels during the morning. A great comb match with beard oil is your life saver.

  1. Wash It

wash beard

Your facial hair is different from the hair on your scalp. This is why you need to care for them differently. Avoid using the regular shampoo since it can deplete the natural oil which may result to itchiness. How to wash your beard?

  1. Lubricate it

The best beard oil is perhaps the greatest thing that you can use to maintain a great facial hair. It will moisturize your beard, and it will keep it smelling fresh.

Recommended Beard Oil

  1. Exfoliate your Skin

exfoliate skin for beard

In case you are having troubles in growing your facial hair, you may try exfoliating your skin. It will remove the dead cell and encourage hair growth. How to exfoliate video?

  1. Shape of Your Face

face shape for beard

Your beard styles should match the shape of your face. Your beard will definitely look better if it complements the shape of your face. However, your haircut helps shaping your face as well, fade cuts are perfect for bearded men.

  1. Right Nutrients

nutrition for beard

Men with beards should have an adequate source of fat and protein. They should also increase their intake of B9, B5, and B3.

  1. Facial Massage

Massage beard

Facial massage will not only encourage the release of natural beard oil, it will also enhance the circulation of blood in your face. This will encourage the production of new hair.

Remember these tips when you grow facial hair, and you can guarantee that you will have the amazing beard styles. Make sure you combine your beard with a modern haircut.





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