How to pick the best hair color ideas for 2018?


Are you tired of the current hair look and determined to change it? This is something that ladies will actually do overtime just to give them a new look. It is also good to look for the new hair color ideas for 2018. I believe this could still be the perfect time to look for the style and new look. If that is you, then you must be looking at the so many hair color ideas for 2018 and seem confused which way to go. Therefore it is important that you make sure you have a guide so as to look for the right hair ideas that will suit you. Here are some factors you need to consider to make sure you get it right.

The Skin Tone

Hair dye ideas will largely depend on the skin tone. Therefore you need to make sure your search is directed towards the right color for your skin. You can consult a stylist near you to help you determine your tone if you feel you can’t tell well. This is important because not all hair color ideas will work for all the skin tones. Again if you get this wrong, you will have a strange look, and this is the worst thing a woman can afford to do. At the shop, ask the attendant to help also, free consultation. Let them give you all the samples that can match your skin tone and use the mirror to compare which one will work for your skin.

What`s Your Lifestyle

Are you a busy business lady? Do you have time to spend on your hair every morning before leaving your house? If you are a busy mommy, then you would like to consider hair dye ideas that don’t need too much attention. This is important since some hair ideas that require more attention will take your time. So if you will be a busy lady in 2018, just go for the easy to maintain hair dye idea since it suits your lifestyle. Otherwise, for a stay at home mom with more time (like when the baby is sleeping), you can go for any hair color idea for 2018 as long as it matches your skin tone.


Your Current Color

This should have been the first question. However, you need to determine the reason why you want to change.  If the color you have on your hair does not please you and hence the motivation for change, then do it. There are different hair color ideas for 2018 that you can check out. You just need to make sure you go for a different color other than the one you already have on your hair. If you are okay with the color, you probably need some styling, and therefore if you see new hair ideas that have the same color like yours, you can try them out.

When changing the color of your hair, it is important you get the color you will love to stay. Specially for a longer time to make sure it’s more economical. You don’t want to change the dye again within a week unless if you are commercializing the look.

Here 5 2018 hair colors ideas for you 👇

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