Skin Fade Haircut – Low, Mid & High Skin Fade Cuts


Low skin fade haircut is no doubt the latest hairstyle that has been adored by many people all around the world. The hair cut is highly pleasing because it yields a perfect look to many people especially when other enhancements are added to the hair. There are a lot of haircut variations that people can put on their heads but the style to put also depends on the hair distribution of the head of the person. We simplified them to 3 categories by hair length.

  1. Low Skin Fade with Pompadour
  2. Mid Skin Fade Style
  3. High skin Fade Haircut with Enhancements

  • Low Skin Fade with Pompadour

This is among the sexiest styles ever to have existed, but it needs experienced barbers so as to make it look perfect. The fade starts at the bottom sides, and the size changes toward the top. The making of the two lines on the sides should be accurate to make them look more parallel. It is wonderful when made by the experienced and accurate people who never miss a mark. For those with round heads, this style might not be good because the lines will reach the back of the head which is not required.

  • Mid Skin Fade Style

This is a perfect style for those who have densely distributed hair. The style is trimming the side hair and leaving the top ones protruding. Mid Skin face yields a compelling look on many people. You can have your hair parted at the line between the short and long hair so that you make it look more stylish. Many people curl their long hair to make the style look more modern and pleasing than the normal styles.

  • High skin Fade Haircut with Enhancements

High skin fade hair cut is achieved through trimming the side hair in a way that they will increasing in size from the bottom. The long hair is at the top, and when you cut it, the head appear so wonderful even from far. Many people prefer having this cut with part hair so that they increase the sense of fashion in that hair. The barber will make the haircut in respect to the proportion of your head to ensure that everything is perfectly styled. You can also enhance mid skin fade when one has beards. You should also be trim the beard to match the general haircut.

To ensure that you have the best outcomes, choose from the chart that barbers normally put on the shop. You can check on the images as well before you have your head trimmed into a certain style. It’s good to check at the reputation of the barber before you allow your hair to be made in the design that you wish to have. The styles look almost the same, and you might confuse the difference between low skin fade and high skin fade.

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