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Many people don’t enjoy winter since it limits their wardrobe choices, hair and sometimes makeup. Okay, you don’t have to change the hair style provided you are keeping up. Hair color can vary, and it will give you a fresh look, agreed? With a myriad of styles available, it is good to be creative and get a seasoned hair style that will make you appear extraordinary and wonderful.

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  1. Rose Quartz
  2. Burgundy
  3. Brown Balayage
  4. Natural Black Hair
  5. Balayage again!
  6. Caramel Cool Streaks
  7. Caramel Kisses
  8. Babylights

Here hair color ideas and tutorials

rainbow hair color

You can wear dark colors to conquer the winter. Perhaps you still prefer blonde or silver shades? Whichever the case, the following is a list of colors; you can try. They are trending hair color ideas; you can use to face the year with confidence.

  1. Rose Quartz

RUBY RED and ROSE PINK Hair Color Tutorial | MATT BECK ☝️

You can bring some summer to the winter, with the tender rose color. The color has graced the runway and Instagram. Regardless of the shade, you choose you will have a stunning look. It brightens your complexion, and you will feel like it is summer all over again. The main advantage of the color is its suitability to any skin tone.

However, you will require consistent visits to the salon for touch-ups. Also, it is difficult to create and needs a highly-skilled colorist, to pull of the hair style. For a more sophisticated look, the roots can be dark, transitioning to a lighter hue. If you need inspiration look for a matching, rose quartz necklace and wear both with class.

  1. Burgundy

burgundy hair styleWhy not, color your whole head burgundy, instead of coloring a few strands or fringes. It will be just amazing, though it looks better on a dark skin tone. You can use the color as a highlight to your favorite hair style. Additionally, you can pair it with blonde and brown, and still look adorable.

  1. Brown Balayage

Balayage is a beautiful way to style your hair. It is considered one of the hottest 2018 hair color ideas, worn by celebrities. The trend has also featured on popular hair styling Instagram accounts.  You can have numerous varieties, but when blonde and brown shades are blended, the results are fabulous.

It is suitable for short hair, layered hair and more. Look for a stylist who can mix the colors perfectly, starting with a dark shade and ending with a light tone towards the tips.


  1. Natural Black Hair

If you have natural jet black hair, just keep it and don’t change anything. You will still look good regardless of the season. Some girls may crave a dark brown ombre color, but rest assured lots of people envy your color.

natural black hair

Did you find what you were looking for? If not, check out how to pick the best new hair color for you.

It is good to be creative and get a seasoned hair style that will make you appear extraordinary and wonderful. There are some colors that looks good on almost everyone.

  1. Balayage again!

Video by Ali Freie

YES, they are poppin, you need to try it before they are outdated 😂 But they have been cool and they appear unique. They are among the best combination of colors beside ombre. Hair that many people will adore in 2018 not only because of their attractiveness but also because of their uniqueness. You don’t have to look at what people do. Combine some colors and try them on.

If you aren’t sure, there are several dreamy brunette hair hues that are already stimulating desire from ladies to have them. Some of these brown hair color chart are listed below, and you can check them to see if they are worth your time and fashion class.

  1. Caramel Cool Streaks

They are Hand painted and dyed with balayage style there by making them to appear unique. This brown dye adds the illusion of light in the whole weave there by creating a magnificent look and appearance. You should make sure that you maintain them well so that they don’t deform or make bad smell. They are known to be ideal for the winter because they don’t absorb moisture or any kind of water that it comes it contact wit.

Video by Hair Styles

  1. Caramel Kisses

These are termed as the best brunette hair colors that can transform your look and make them appear like queens or royal daughters. The kisses are formed from the mid points of the brown air to the ends of the weave there by making you to have a perfect look. The good tin with this kind of hairstyle is that it does not get disrupted and even when it does, it will not manifest to the general public. Cane your look this winter by having this air style on your head.

What is caramel hair color anyway?

  1. Babylights

Video by Jessi Gish

If you love uniqueness, this hairstyle should be an option for you. With this style on your head, your natural brownness will be enhanced because the brown dye is going to be applied from the mid-length of the air to the ends were they are hanging on your cheeks and neck. Let your perfect look be enhanced because this style is far perfect compared to the other styles. The rich mahogany style is another style that matches the uniqueness of this style.

For more on babylights

  1. Cream Soda Hair Color

Are you looking to lighten your look? This is a perfect long hair color idea that will work for a slightly dark skin. If you have a darker hair and you are considering lightening it, this is a nice hair color idea to steal the show. You just need a nice purple shampoo to keep the hair looking nice. However, you need to spend more time on your hair every morning if you choose this latest hair color. It has been tried by celebrities and attracted the attention of high-class women around the United States.,

  1. Light Colors with Dark Roots

This is another long hair color idea that you can try for a new look. Particularly if you are interested in giving your hair a darker, but still light color and cream soda hair color does not work for you. Emma Roberts tried this and looked gorgeous in the recent party she attended. Her photos attracted a number of comments on social media when she posted her new look. Therefore this is a great option for those admiring a mixture of dark and light color to have a cool look at the office. It is recommended for the light-skinned angels.

  1. Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Are you looking for a cute hair color idea tried by many celebrities?  The buttery blonde is a trend that is popular with top celebrated artist Kim Kardashian and Cameron Diaz. It will give you a nice blonde shade that is easy to maintain. Therefore if you are looking for a hairstyle with cute color that will not demand more of your time, this is a nice cute hair color idea that will give you an easy time. It is natural looking and will surprise many people wherever you attend parties this festive season.

  1. Jet Black Color

When it comes to long hair color ideas, the jet black hair is the leader in that category. Therefore if you wish to have a darker look, this is a perfect style for you. You can achieve your deeper black look with this jet black color for richer black color results.

  1. Sun Kissed Blonde

The latest hair color to accessorize your look and it will give you a healthy glow look and lighten your skin. This is a perfect long hair color idea.

When looking for a new cute hair color idea, make sure you get the right color that will accessorize your skin color and match well. beside hair color, you can decide whether to get a haircut or not. The good old battle of short hair vs long hair.

To conclude, hair color chart is comprised of many different hairstyles and designs, therefore, you should choose the one that is going to make you look unique and perfect compared to other people. You can buy it from the cosmetic shops and then get a saloon to fix it, or you can go to the saloon and choose it so that it gets fixed immediately. Brunette styles are so many and for all size of people. If you have a short hair, hairdo might not be a bad idea.




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