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Are you a fan of long hair or short hair? There are of course amazing hairstyles for short hair, especially if you are willing to risk a little. Unless you dare, you cannot know for sure if you should go ahead with hairstyles for long hair or choose edgy, eccentric short ones!

Let’s see what the trends are in the world of hairstyles, according to your hair length! You will be excited to check out the most fashionable hairstyles, regardless!

Top Hairstyles for Short Hair

Pixie cuts are absolute favorites since they highlight the beauty of your face in the most spectacular manner! A pixie cut can vary in length, but it is always chic. Although this is definitely not the ideal hairstyle for every girl, those who choose to cut their hair that short swear by it and never want to go back! Whether you are platinum gold or brunette, you will impress everyone around you with this look.

A bob is a classic and timeless hair style for those with short hair. You can choose an angled bob haircut, shoulder or ear length. A layered bob with bangs is the perfect solution for a round face, for instance. In addition, you can try out a fishtail braid on your short hair. This will allow you to literally change your looks within minutes. On top of all that, some girls like coiffure trop.

Here some hairstyles for short hair.

Top Hairstyles for Long Hair

One of the finest hairstyles for long hair is sleek straight hair (see Pinterest for ideas). You can also try sleek hair with bangs but most of the time it will make you look older. Alternatively, you can opt for a super high ponytail on top of your head. A half-up do is always great, especially when you need your hair out of the way or if you want to point out the eccentric earrings you have just bought.

Even though long hair is irresistible, you can spice it up a bit more through the use of ombre hair, balayage et flamboyage, highlights ou d'un autre color dyes ideas. And if this is not enough, there are layered hairstyles and mermaid waves that you can indulge in. Try them out and see for yourself which is the best hairstyle!

Braids are really fun, and they can create exciting looks in long hair. You can choose a loose braid or go for two. For those who are daring enough, a crown braid is astonishing (see Pinterest). And for an everyday look that allows you to get creative, get a headband and pull your hair behind. You can use any color you like or even work with your own hair and make a cute little braid on your own.

Finally, why don’t you just use a bobby pin to keep some strands behind? It works really well in long hair and particularly when you have shiny, sleek hair.

Comment choisir la meilleure couleur de cheveux?

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Which is the winner in this battle? Do you love short or long hair? Either way, take great care of your hair with the right products and let them highlight your special beauty from within! Here is the end of short hair vs long hair for now. Share the article with your friends to vote.


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