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Regardless whether you are old or young, hair loss will cause panic. Before you get worried, losing strands is healthy in most cases. Your hair goes through three stages the growth stage, shrinking phase, and the fall-off. An adult has around 100,000-150,000 and you lose 100 strands a day in average. However, medical conditions, hormonal variations, stress, and diet can accelerate this process.

You hair follicles are continually producing keratin, pushed through the skin, about six inches per year.  If you want to accelerate this process, harsh chemicals are not necessary. Natural products are ideal and safe, even when correcting hair loss problems. You can make them directly from home, and some offer instant results such as apple cider vinegar for hair. Here is 10 natural hair growth tips and trick quick access:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Proper styling
  3. Produits naturels
  4. Massage
  5. Pas de stress
  6. Coconut Milk
  7. Make an Egg Mask
  8. Fenugrec
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar for hair
  10. Good Habits

Natural Hair Growth tips and tricks

  1. Alimentation saine

One of the major things to consider is your diet. If you are not eating healthy, your hair will suffer. Unless you want to settle for thin, unhealthy looking hair, you should up your prise of protéine et zinc, iron, et vitamine B12. Fish is the ultimate treat for healthy hair, along with beans and other types of lean meat. Of course, you can always enhance your health state through the use of multivitamines.

For more detailed information visit Food Matters.

  1. Proper Styling

Have you been using various hair styling products, as well as equipment such as hairdryers and irons? All that can mess with your hair and prevent you from looking your best. Especially if you change the color of your hair frequently, bleaching and using chemical-packed hair dyes, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Instead, if you start taking great care of your hair and avoiding too many chemicals, your hair will love you!

  1. Produits naturels

It is great to use special products, such as a powerful shampoo as part of your hair treatment. Such products allow your hair follicles to grow in size and strength. They are packed with nutrition, and they work wonders on your scalp and eventually on your hair. Do not forget to use them in combination with other treatments, of course, for optimal results. We have talked more about this topic here.

Natural & Organic Volumizing Shampoo

  1. Massage

Especially if you use a shampoo for hair and length retention, you will need to be consistent when applying it on your scalp. For even better absorption of the shampoo’s nutritious elements, you ought to gently massage the scalp. This activates the hair Les follicules and betters the blood flow. As a result, you will notice an even more impressive difference over time.

Hair Scalp Brush Shampoo Massager

  1. Pas de stress

This is easier said than done, obviously! Still, the truth is that stress prevents your hair from growing fast. When you are overly stressed, your hair falls down much faster, and this is another reason for getting stressed. A vicious cycle that needs to stop right now! After all, the best thinning hair treatment is prevention.

How to Prevent Hair Loss Due to Stress.

  1. Coconut

Coconut milk:

The health benefits of coconut milk are numerous. It has iron, potassium et essential fats, nutrients that your scalp can absorb quickly. Instead of using it exclusively, you can mix it with other fruits extracts to create a potent natural hair growth formulation.

More benefits of coconut milk.

Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil:

The combination of coconut and lemon is abundant in goodness. You only need to mix freshly squeezed lemons and coconut oil. Apply the preparation on your hair, while gently massaging for absorption, and rinse with warm water after one hour. The antibacterial properties of coconut, combined with acidic properties of lemon, will fight dandruff. More importantly, they will provide nutrients for growth.

Honey and Coconut Oil:

Honey is an essential moisturizer in natural hair products.  It will slow down the loss of hairs. Only mix the two, and apply it to your hair strands by massaging the scalp.

Other Essential Oils and Coconut:

The benefits of coconut expound once you add other oils such as Saffron, Shea, rosemary, and tea oil. It will promote the health of your hair, and you can use the formulation on your face.

Here is more about benefits of coconut Oil for hair and skin.

  1. Egg Mask

Women, world over use this formulation for fast natural hair growth. Eggs are superfoods with sulfur, zinc, phosphorous, et proteins. You need on an egg, a teaspoon of olive or lavender oil, and other components like honey. Create a great looking paste for your hair apply and rinse after 20 minutes. You can use it also for your skin.

Plus d'informations sur egg mask.

  1. Fenugrec

It is a natural hair growth product, and an old remedy. You will get proteins for preventing baldness, l'acide nicotinique for hair growth, lécithine for strengthening follicles and potassium that stops grey hairs.

Pure Naturals Fenugreek Seed also brings the luster back to your hair for a more natural color. The mask is created; buy grinding the seeds to powder or boiling the seeds, and mixing with coconut and olive oil.

13 benefits of fenugreek.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

vinaigre de cidre de pomme can restore the pH balance of the hair since it has the same value. Occasionally, rinsing your hair with the product can maintain its acidity especially for oily hair. For this solution, you only need to mix 75ml of prepared vinegar with one liter of water. Wash your hair; let it infuse for some minutes, and rinse.

10 benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for hair.

  1. Good Habits

Your habits have a direct effect on your hair and skin radiance. Eat well, sleep peacefully, brush your hair, and don’t use hot water on your hair. Tight hairstyles can also cause your hair to fall off more.

21 Healthy Hair Habits

Bottom Line

Our Natural Hair Growth tips and tricks make sure to indulge in prevention rather than the cure. Even though it will help curing as well. Start eating healthy and incorporate fish and lean protein in your daily diet plan. Réduire le stress et avoid excessive hair styling products, hairdryers, et fers. Wash with organic or natural products or use apple cider vinegar for hair. Stimulate your hair follicles through the use of soothing massage on your scalp and enjoy wonderful, shiny and perfectly healthy hair!


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