Meilleurs types de cheveux et couleurs pour les cheveux courts


Giving up shoulder length hair for a simple hairdo is totally worth it. For now. 😉 If it is indeed fuzzy and curly, you have to put in more work. Again it is gratifying, and you stand out from the crowd. For victims of an evil hairdo, who had to cut their hair, short hair is still an excellent look. You will need a constant supply of excellent hair colors and styles. Fortunately, we have you covered with these colors and ideas:

Hair Color for Short Hair

If you have an adorable short bob, you can use different colors. Brown is preferable for a natural look. Just make sure that the shade of brown compliments your skin tone and face. For natural brunettes, you can have brown highlights.

Ombre hair color is one of the fastest emerging colors, loved by women all over. There are a variety of options you can choose from such as dark or lighter shades of brown. The colors are ideal for the summer and can add warmth in the winter.

All the shades of grey 😉 are suitable for your hair, and you can add layers for an enhanced look. You can try blonde or ash for a sophisticated hairdo. For styling your pixie, purple is an excellent shade to try. You can try pale purple, which is not ordinary; thus it is unique.

Don’t forget to try red, for your hairdos in future. It works with other colors such as copper and violet.

After selecting your hair color, there are styles you can try: (How to pick the best hair color?)

  1. Side Swept Bangs

Bangs will always look excellent on short hair. Also, they are very easy to maintain, and you can pair them with some dangling earrings. If you have an elongated face, it will not accentuate the face. You can create side swept bangs, by applying a volumizing product, parting and straightening your hair. Aim for a medium stretch, since the hair will become curly.

  1. Flots

It is an excellent hairdo and popular among ladies with short hair. It is known for creating a romantic aura and showing a tender feminine side.

  1. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut resembles a Mohawk, with many styles to choose. Some styles include the shaggy pixie, tousled pixie, wild pixie, and tightly curled pixie. Your stylist can add different spins to the classic hairdo.

  1. Layered Styles

Layers are a girl’s best secret weapon fighting for curly hair. They keep you looking young and neat. Some of the styles you can try are the layered bob and short or long layered bob.

  1. Voluminous Updo

It includes making the hair look thicker by adding more volume through curls. Women with oval faces can look better with the updo. Kenra Extra Volume Mousse.

Regardless of the style and hair color for short hair you select, you will always look stunning. Select an excellent stylist, who specializes in short hair, and ask them for more recommendations.

Here some hair color ideas and video tutorialsVidéo parKane and Pia


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