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For girls with layered hair that curls naturally, you probably have had numerous bad haircuts in the past. You tried flattening with a flat iron and failed. Going short has come with some challenges, but there are benefits are sweet, plus there are numerous of classic curly hairstyles for you to try.

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Before looking at current trends for 2018, there are a few tricks to ensure you have an excellent hairdo. Use them, and you will wear your hair short with pride.

Curly Hairstyles Quick Access

  1. Cute Short Curly Bob
  2. Short Curly Layered Hair
  3. Curly Pixie Haircut
  4. Fun Bob Hairdo
  5. Bob Cut with Pixie Bangs
  6. Long Pixie Haircut
  7. Choppy Bob
  8. Side Swept Curly Hairdo
  9. Chin Length Curly Bob Haircut
  10. Volumineux chignon

10 Perfect Curly Hairstyles XCHARX 2018 Easy Hairstyles

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  1. Cute Short Curly Bob

The style is great and easy for natural hair. It makes you casual and exciting, plus it requires minimum maintenance. You can try if you have dry or frizzy hair.

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  1. Short Curly Layered Hair

You can manage your hair with this style, and the layers make you look stunning. Your stylist will use a razor for this, but you end up with a beautiful hairdo.

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  1. Curly Pixie Haircut

It is a classic, never goes away, and can help you tame the frizzy hair.

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  1. Fun Bob Hairdo

The style is perfect for your thick hair that you keep complaining about. It gives you a good look and some texture.

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  1. Bob Cut with Pixie Bangs

Any wear can wear bangs and pull it off.

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  1. Long Pixie Haircut

Pixie-bob hairstyles are popular because they are easy to style. For light skin tone, try copper brown hair.

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  1. Choppy Bob

It is not radically different from the classic bob, and it is one of the most relaxed curly hairstyles.

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  1. Side Swept Curly Hairdo

Brushing hair for this hairdo is worth is for 2018.

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  1. Chin Length Curly Bob Haircut

It is suitable for women with thin hair and looks good.

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  1. Volumineux chignon

It suitable for women with oval faces, and will give you an alluring appeal.

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Finally, know that not all 2018 style will look better on you. Maybe, pulling up the hair could look good on you, half-up or bouncy curls will not pull off the same look.

Tips for Perfect Curly Hair Styles XCHARX 2018

Of course, when picking a cut, you should consider your hair density (thickness), face shape, the season of the year, color, structure and more. (Comment choisir la meilleure couleur de cheveux?)Okay, the classic easy hairstyles have not changed drastically. Hairstylists and dressers have only added few creative touches to enhance the traditional styles and create fresh looks for all special girls with bobs.

If you want a perfect hairdo, you will have to pick a good stylist. An excellent stylist for your curly hair is one who also has curly hair.  Such a stylist will have tried out different hairdos and knows what works. Look at her hair and if you like it, know that you are in good hands.

You can decide to go long for this year, to ensure your curly hair behaves. However, short hair is more charming. You only need to have layered hair. It stops the hair from looking like one huge ball and keeps the hair springing. Ensure that your stylist doesn’t use a lot of force when shaping the hair. It will recoil, and the shape will be lost.

Another tip for great curls is to let the hair dry naturally, blow drying. You can physically squeeze water from the hair, and it will dry in less than 15 minutes.

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