Top 10 Modern Men Haircut Ideas


Pompadour Low Hair Cut

Fashion experts, celebrities and cool kids in internet always invent new hairstyles, and there has been an increase of new unique short hairstyles recently. As many of them are hard to describe, they are generally unique especially the ones with fade. Other hairstyles for men have also been on the rise with many of them having different kind of haircuts that are unique on their own way. To ensure that you get a clue of these haircuts, look at the styles below.

Men Haircut Ideas Quick Access

  1. Comp Over Haircut
  2. Neckline Hair Design
  3. Pompadour Low Hair Cut
  4. Side Bangs Style
  5. Low Fade
  6. Mid Fade
  7. High Fade
  8. Spikes Men hairstyle
  9. Uniform Curl Hair
  10. Brushed Up Hairstyle
  1. Comp Over Haircut

    Comb over hair style

A nice short haircut for men facing “coming soon” baldness, but want to keep it for another day. If your hair is curly or straight, you can try this nice and simple haircut. Get more creative with this style as you can take different shapes as per your wish, or you can get recommendations from your barber. A comb over a fade shave is a better design if you choose this men haircut.

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  1. Neckline Hair Design

This is a catchy hairstyle with a design that is good for men who like the short haircut for men. The neckline design looks better on a fade hair and can be a simple or complex letter pattern look. Most men love to put a V-shape at the neckline, and it looks good even when wearing an official look. You can let your barber get more creative depending on your head shape, or you can go for a specific pattern as per your style. There are several different designs that can be drawn from the neckline men haircut style.

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  1. Pompadour Low Hair Cut

Pompadour Low HairCut

If you have short hair, this is a good men haircut style. It is actually trendy as we come towards the end of 2017 and seems like in 2018 it will be the best men’s haircut. It looks good on all men irrespective of their lifestyle. If quaff men haircut is what you would wish to have, then this is the best style you can try. It will add length to your head shape and give you a more self-defined look. Try Pompadour haircut and look different.

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  1. Side Bangs Style

side bang hair

This is a medium haircut that softens your face and gives you a cute design on your head. Whether you like the bangs spiky or to compliment your hair, you will not go wrong with this men’s haircut. Your barber can advise you on the best style that will work with this men’s haircut. The good thing with this haircut is that you can choose to trim your bangs or give them a nice shape to compliment the hair. It is a versatile style that is fun to wear.

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  1. Low, Mid and High Fade

We have already written about this. Please check the link below.

Skin Fade Haircut – Low, Mid & High Skin Fade Cuts

  1. Spikes hairstyle

spikes hairstyle

This style is an old one. It is known to be unique because it makes the head to vertically look elongated. The style is achieved through shaving the lower side hair and leaving the top hair. After that, you are supposed to apply wax or a jelly that will keep the hair protruding up in spikes so that you achieve this hairstyle. It is good for those with heads that are not elongated vertically because it works to narrow the face and elongate it. All in all it is a perfect style that makes people look unique than before.

  1. Uniform Curl Hair

uniform curly

This short curly hair is an official style that makes people to look spellbinding and nice. The hair appears so attractive and presentable. You can even buy artificial curly hair and fix it on your head to ensure that you obtain a perfect look. Many people prefer getting a short haircut then apply the curl so that they achieve maximum uniqueness shininess from the curl.

  1. Curly Brushed Up Hairstyle

brushed up hairstyle

This is a more unique hairstyle that is made in the same way as faded taper cut but it is brushed up. It makes the person to look so nice because the hair will have a good appearance from both sides. It might be confused with the Ivy League style but this one as longer hair compared to the Ivy League style that many people have on their heads.

To conclude, there are so many Hairstyles for Men. However, before you get hairstyle on your head, please consider if it is fit for your head. The size, shape and hair distribution of your head is what should determine the kind of hairstyle that should be on your head.You can check the images of various hairstyles to ensure that you get the best one that matches your head.



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