Winter Is Coming! Is Your Hair Ready?

winter hair care tips
16 top winter hair care tips

Yayy! It is the winter season and time to welcome winter hair care routine. In this article you will find 16 natural winter hair care tips which help you know your hair wiser and get some natural hair care ideas. It’s time to enjoy healthy glossy and manageable natural winter hair.

It is so soothing to see the white flakes of snow covering each and everything to make it much more sacred and divine. As every other thing, has a positive and negative impact so is right for the winter season. With all the beauty and white fantasy that comes with the season, comes the hair and skin problems.

Why should we worry about our Winter hair care routine?, The winter season is not only about Christmas and New Year, but the snow, cold water, and dry air make your hairs more brittle and dry. That is not it, as it is not only the cold weather outside which casts a drastic impact on the hair but also the warm indoors is somewhat damaging to the natural hair as well.  The warm indoors could damage the hairs like the extensive use of hair dryer does.

natural hair in winter

So are you aware of the common hair issues in the winters? Well, we all have to deal with it to some extent. However, if not take care properly the winter will leave your locks more brittle, frizzy, and dry and with splits ends and I am sure that nobody wants that.

We cannot change the nature according to our requirements nor can we afford to live in the cold without the warmth of the home. However, we do adopt some of the excellent techniques and Winter hair care routine that can not only prevent the damaging of the hairs but also offer health benefits to our beautiful hairs.

  • 16 Natural Winter Hair Care Tips

natural winter hair care tips

Here are some of the useful natural winter hair care tips that you can follow to get the healthy and natural hair during winter. Also See 10+ Quick Hair Care Tips Everyone Should Know.

  1. Avoid the dry and cold air

Who does not adore the sight of long hairs slightly waving in the air? However, in winter you have to put a stop on this and try to keep your hair moisturized, so that you can avoid the dry, damaging hair in the winter. You might experience dry hair more often in cold winter compare to other seasons. Therefore, you might need to try natural hair moisturizer products in order to decrease hair dryness.


  1. Warmer does not mean safer

natural hair care

I know how much soothing the warm shower in the winter could be, but you have to avoid washing your hairs with the warm water and practice another winter hair care routine. Reason? Well, warm water opens the pores of the skin and cause the oil secretion more frequent. Not only had this with the warm water you may also get dandruff in your head.

  1. Less shampoo

Shampoo is the most significant part of our natural hair care routine, but in winter it is going to create hurdles in the winter hair care routine. You should lower the use of shampoo in winter from every day to alternate days. Along with the less shampoo usage, you have to increase the utilization of conditioner. As it is the conditioner which is going to protect your hairs from being drying out.

  1. Say no to hot blow-dry

natural hair care tips

Most recommended Winter hair care routine is to avoid the split ends and the brittle hairs. you have to ban the use of high temperature hair dryers and the heating irons in the winters. However, if you cannot afford that, then you can use the irons and hair dryers with the leave on conditioners and with low heating temperature.

  1. Choose hairspray wisely

natural hair

A lot of the hairsprays available in the markets are the ones with alcohol in them. However, these hairsprays could cause severe hair care issues like hair dryness in the winters.

  1. Use the humidifier

natural hair care ideas

The winter season lacks one thing extensively, and that is humidity, and this absence of moisture is the most significant reason for the dry hairs. So in winter season consider using more hair humidifier in your winter hair care routine, and feel the differences by yourself.

  1. Increase your water intake

natural hair

Water is the most precious blessing of nature. Drinking water is crucial for the beautiful skin and overall health of the body, and now the same water could be your lifeguard against the brittle and dry hair. Drinking water in the winter may support the retention of overall moisture in your natural hair body.

  1. Trim them up


Trimming the hairs on a regular basis not only help them to grow faster but also prevent the split end. So in winter, it becomes almost crucial to trim your locks ends on a regular basis.

  1. A little oil will do the magic

natural winter hair care ideas

Oiling is a must in winter but who got that much time to especially oil the hair on a regular basis. So here is the solution to this problem. All you have to do is to add a few drops of hair oil in your shampoo. Believe me, the results are astonishing after practicing such natural winter hair care tips. You can also use the few drops of oil at the tips of the hair after shampoo to make your hair look more timid and shinier.More about oil and shampoo mix.

  1. Comb the hairs

natural winter hair care

Combing hair, is a common natural hair care techniques in our winter hair care routine. Use a clean bristle hair brush to brush your hair at least twice a day. Brushing the hairs enhance the circulation of blood in the scalp and cleanse the head from the dust and breathe new life in the strands.

  1. Switch to natural products

The use of chemicals added shampoos might cause not only the hair issues in all seasons, but also create serious scalp issue as well. So it is advisable to use the natural shampoos and avoid the use of chemical added products.How to Find the Best Hair Treatment Products.

  1. Shea butter- a lifesaver

The Shea butter is one of the most authentic and natural hair care ideas. The use of Shea butter causes a quick fix to the dry and damaged hairs. So the prolonged use of Shea butter for livelier and shinier hair is recommended.

  1. Use of essential oils

The use of essential oils is the most efficient way to maintain the health of the hair cuticles.  These essential oils revive the moisture in the hairs and make them more manageable during the cold spell. Lemongrass, bergamot, and ylang-ylang are some of the examples of the essential oils. use any of them according to your hair type after shampooing the hair on the damp scalp, and I can bet that the results are far-reaching.

  1. Avoid experiments

If we can vote out a season with NO COLORING, then it would be winter season. With all the dryness, itchiness and the statically charged hairs, if you add unnecessary chemicals in the form of hair colors then trust me it is not suitable for your hairs health. So during the winter try to avoid the experimentation on the strands and go with the more suitable subtle hair.

  1. Use a hair mask

The use of hair mask is crucial in the winter. The hair masks help the hair cuticles to lock the moisture in them and to avoid the frizzy hairs with split ends.

  1. Switch to a healthy lifestyle

Your eating-habits cast a significant impact on the overall working of your body. With the healthy eating habits, you are going to have the more vigorous and lively hairs. So turn down the junk food and switch to more healthy food options. Enhance the use of leafy vegetables in your diet along with the use of fish.

Natural Winter Hair remedies


natural winter hair remedies
Photo by Isi Akahome on Unsplash

Mentioned below are some top suggested natural winter hair remedies to have the more silky and smooth hair in winter. More on How to Find the Best Hair Treatment Products.

  • Banana mask

Banana avocado hair mask

Mash two bananas in 2 tbsp. of honey and yogurt and apply the mixture to your hair as one of the proven natural winter hair remedies. Leave the mixture on the scalp for 15-20 mins and then rinse it properly. This remedy is especially beneficial for removing dandruff and having more shiner hairs. 8 Homemade Hair Masks.

  • Use of satin cloths

The satin silk scarves come very handily when it comes to locking the moisture. Use the one at night to cover your hairs and to avoid any moisture escape from your locks. Keep in mind that most natural winter hair remedies follow this rule to save more moisture.

  • Olive oil

The use of olive oil is one of the most authentic and tested therapy for winter hair care routine. All you need is two tsp. of warm olive oil and massage it properly on your scalp. It not only improve your blood circulation but also helps in getting rid of frizzy and dull hairs.

  • Henna

natural winter hair remedies

Henna is one of the best scalp soothing agent between natural winter hair remedies. Applying the henna on the scalp helps in moisturizing the locks in the most natural manner possible.

  • Egg mask

Egg hair mask

Our hairs are made up of proteins, and they need protein intake on a regular basis. If you cannot add protein to your diet, then the best way to supply the hairs with essential protein is through egg mask. Take two eggs and add few drops of olive oil in it. Apply the mixture on the head equally and leave it for an hour. VOILA, you inject the required nourishment.

  • Pick the right shampoo

I have already discussed that the excessive hair wash could deprive the hair of the essential moisture. However, we cannot afford to go to offices with oily and messy hairs. So here is the solution. Switch your shampoo with a dry one, and you can refresh your hairs after a shower.

However, with the excessive use of oils, shampoos, and conditioners the hairs tend to develop the build in them, and these builds are crucial to removing the health and clean scalp. To avoid such build ups you can use white vinegar after conditioning and then rinse with fresh water.

Hairs are the most significant part of our overall personality, so it is crucial to maintaining their health and looks all the time. Use the natural hair care ideas mentioned above, and take advantage of its positive benefits in the holiday season.

Happy winter to you! 




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