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history of makeup

Origin of Makeup

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History of makeup is not a new for some people. However, as long as there are people on earth, the makeup is present, will present and change until the end. No doubt cosmetics are significantly used for enhancing the looks and appearances. The trend of makeup has been used for many years to enhance the beauty. Moreover, the Egyptians were the first people to use makeup to enhance their beauty.

There is a great importance of cosmetics and much used by people to stay beautiful and young. Nowadays the cosmetics are available in some forms like lipstick, creams, and perfumes and many other types.

The cosmetics are produced in two forms organic and hypoallergenic to meet the makeup needs of the people worldwide. Makeup helps the people to build up and maintain self-esteem and confidence in front of society.

Nowadays, most of the young men use gels and different kinds of hair oils to look stylish. The products come in many various forms of gels, lotions, etc. Similarly, we can see the fashion industry worldwide, just focus on the outer appearance. Most of the artists use cosmetics to beat the gazing eyes of a camera. They all know the importance of makeup in the outer world to get the glamour and fame.

evolution of makeup

History of Makeup

In this article, we are going to throw some light on the history and evolution of makeup. This article is going to be interesting for those who take makeup as a serious job and want to know the origin of makeup and evolution in it.

Origin of Makeup


We all know that Egypt is the origin of makeup. Many of the Egypt cosmetic materials are still popular and are being in use. These products are:

  1. Kohl
  2. Henna

henna makeup

These are the products that were first used as a cosmetic product in Egypt. The men and women of that age liked to decorate their eyes with kohl, usually in a green shade to give them an evil look.

However, according to Research, Kohl-the lead is beneficial for the health of wearers. On the other hand, also protects the eyes and killed off harmful bacteria.

Similarly, the Egyptians also used the castor oil as a protected balm, which Romans depicted them as creams that consist of beeswax, rose water, olive oil and much more.

Recommended Castor Oil

Interesting fact about makeup: The ancient Egyptians weren’t just origin of makeup. They also used the world’s first anti-wrinkle cream. Source.

origin of makeup


The history of makeup absorbs all the countries including, China. As in circa 3000 BCE, the people of China were used to paint fingernails just to build their social class.

However, the royals of that time wore gold or silver while the poor/low community was prohibited from painting their nails with bright, shiny colors.

ancient makeup


If there is China in a race, then how can Japan put it a step back in the history of makeup? Geishas (traditional Japanese female entertainers) are still known for their amazingly remarkable makeup. These females initially used lipsticks (made from the petals of safflower) to coat their eyebrows and lips. Moreover, they also use rice powder to shade their faces.

Interesting fact about makeup: The Japanese use a particular kind of paint (black color) on special occasions to shade their teeth. This black color paint is called Ohaguro.


The evolution of makeup starts from Europe. You must be familiar with Alexander-the Great. In the past, Alexander the Great also wore the makeup on his face. There were two reasons behind this.

interesting facts about makeup

  1. Artistic
  2. Health 

According to health prerequisite, makeup protected the eyes from damage. It also kept the flies off. Furthermore, it shielded the eyes from sun’s glare.

The ancient British (Britons) were recognized by the Romans as “Picts-the painted ones” because they painted their faces with the woad (a blue dye that produces from the leaves).

The 20th Century

20th century makeup

During 1920’s

However, we can observe the evolution of makeup from the 1900s, when the inferior classes were workers who spent the whole day outside their homes in the fields. As a result, the people typically had suntanned skin.

On the other hand, a person with pale complexion came to symbolize who did have to work for their livelihood. Furthermore, 1900s makeup subsequently sought to compete for this pale appearance.

Interesting fact about makeup: In the 1900s, painting your face was an unsafe practice because the primary ingredient that used in powders was arsenic. However, the makeup trends at this time were much simpler. History of toxic makeups.

The women also used to power their face, pinching to bring colors to the cheeks, and the darkness over the eyelashes. The red coloured Patel was used to color the lips.

The Coco makeup-II World War

word war makeup

During the Second World War, the makeup techniques got changed with its accessible approach during its short supply.

However, this shortage didn’t stop the British women from making their face or staying alluring. However, the government helps them in remembering that:

“Beauty is Duty.”

On the other hand, during 1900 and in 2000’s, beetroot was much popular for coloring the lips and was harmless as compared to boot polish which was used as Mascara. But the weirdest practice at that time was the usage of the foundation that got from the blend of margarine and chalk.

Lipstick 1960s & 70s

The feminism came into seeing in the late 1960s and 70s when women start their contribution in a movement (anti-cosmetic). As they said that makeup is just a tool in realization, which saw society deal women only as a sex object rather than people.

Popular Lipsticks


The fashion of silicone implants was at its peak in 1962. When women started having silicone implants in the breast. This was considered as a symbol of beauty for a woman.

Boy George 80s makeup

However, in the 1980’s, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons took an initial step to aware the people of the plastic surgery. So for this reason, in 1982, the United States Supreme Court allowed the physicians the legal right to promote their procedures of surgeries. We know that the natural way of advertising something makes the things more hazard-free in spite of their danger aspects.

Plastic Surgery

According to the survey report of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 1998, more than two millions of Americans undergo liposuction that was the most popular surgery of this time. Moreover, in this list, breast augmentations ranked second, while eyeing surgery, face-lifts and chemical peels listed at number three, fourth and five according to their popularity.

Then came the time of the 1990s, when normcore and grunge took to the makeup world. At that time faces were either clean and bright or natural or making a style statement with kohled eyes and darkest lips.


men's makeup

Men wear makeup

YES IT’S NORMAL NOW. Share this with your BF or BFF to see.

This is the 21st century in which we are living. In which the makeup is not only for women, but also for men. Or you can say for everyone. Men are moving quickly to makeup products including concealers and eyeliners just to enhance their facial features.

As the time is changing and the equality movements are getting height, the difference line between “who can wear makeup and who cannot” is getting blurred now. Now more than ever, it is considered as a tool of creativity and self-expression.

modern makeups

However, in today’s world, a woman has so many cosmetic options to choose from, with an extensive range of colors and uses. Even though looking younger in today’s world is not a big deal. There are millions of methods and options available for women to choose. For looking younger and alluring, the options are available which are simple as skin regenerators and skin-hydrators. Moreover, different kinds of chemicals for skin peels, Botox, collagen injection and non-ending deadly drastic facial surgeries.

In the end, the thing which matters is your inner beauty-the beauty of real soul of a simple woman. No doubt outer beauty has its significance, but at the end of the day, it’s all materialistic and temporary. Getting the permanent face beauty for life is impossible.

We all have heard once in a life that:

“Eyes are the windows to your soul.”

All you need is to look into your orbits and have a tour of a woman inside; you will get something wonderful than the outer part. You might be happy with what you are. This practice will help you to reflect on your life, which will convey a positive message to others. However, in return, you will get beautiful reactions toward your beauty.




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