5 Main Causes of Hair Loss, Treatment & Prevention


The average individual will shed at least 50 hairs on a daily basis.

This will not lead to considerable thinning of the scalp since the hair is regenerating at the same time. The loss will occur once the natural cycle has been disrupted. In order to find the best hair loss treatment, you need to determine the root cause of the problem. You can achieve this through the analysis of your lifestyle, scalp, and hair.

5 Prevalent Causes and their Corresponding Hair Loss Treatment

Here are 5 of main causes. We added some ways to prevent them and the best hair loss products that can serve as a solution for your hair issue.

Hair Loss Treatment Prevention and Causes

  1. Stress
  2. Liver Issues
  3. Poor Blood Circulation
  4. Medical Condition
  5. Poor Diet

Source: American Academy of Dermatology

  1. Stress

Stress and hair loss

Stress is probably the major causes of hair loss. However, you need to know that the stressful situation is not the causes of hair loss, but it is how you deal with your stress. In case you are a relaxed person who is not affected by stress, then yours is not caused by the stress. Stress has the ability to absorb the nutrients that are used by the body to encourage hair growth. losing hair occurs since these nutrients are being utilized by our body for different purpose. When looking for the best hair loss products, look for something that can replenish the loss nutrients.

Source: Mayo Clinic

  1. Liver Issues

healthy liver hair loss

The function of your liver will highly affect your appearance. A liver in a poor state will most likely lead to hair loss. The liver should produce an adequate amount of sebum. In case it produces an excess amount of sebum, it may clog the pores in our scalp that will prevent the growth of our hair. You need to ensure that your liver is functioning properly. The right hair loss treatment for this issue is to exercise and improve your diet. 10 quick natural hair growth tips.

Source: Live Strong

  1. Poor Blood Circulation

blood circulation hair loss

As we mentioned above, our hair needs a steady supply of nutrients in order to grow. You are probably wondering how these nutrients were carried to our hair. In case the amount of blood in the vessels of our scalp has decreased, the supply of the nutrients is also affected. This issue is related with aging since blood circulation on the extremities will be reduced as people age. Biotin for hair loss is the right solution for this woe.

Source: Manna Plus

  1. Medical Condition

hair loss due to medical condition

There are varieties of medical condition that can lead to lose hair. For instance, hormonal change can affect the hair growth, but it should only be temporary. It can also be due to the skin disorder or skin infection. Individuals who have hair-pulling disorder will also suffer from hair loss. Treating the infection will prompt your hair back. The best hair loss products for people suffering from a medical condition will be hard to determine. Ask your doctors about the preferred solution.

Source: Webmd

  1. Poor Diet

healthy diet for hair loss

In case you don’t have an ample supply of protein, your body will deliver the protein to the organs that needed it the most. This means that not enough protein will be received by your hair; this is based on the study of American Academy of Dermatology. Lack of Vitamin B can also affect hair growth. Looking for the best products that contain the corresponding nutrients would be the perfect solution.

Source: Realself

As you can see, determining the causes of hair loss will help you find the right hair treatment for your concern. Fix the problem, and your hair will grow once again. Quick hair care tips everyone should know.




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