Flamboyage Hair Color Technique – Flamboyage vs Ombre vs Balayage


Flamboyage Vs Ombre

Having a long, silky and beautiful tresses is the fantasy of every woman to look trendy and attractive. Flamboyage or flamboyage hair color technique, combines ombre and balayage hair coloring techniques to introduce innovative hair color ideas. Here, you will find informative detail about flamboyage hair color technique and a summary of flamboyage vs ombre vs balayage. Also See Hair Color Ideas and Video Tutorials.

Do you know about the essential part of our body which add an X-factor to our personality? Well, our hair is part of the social impression encouraging us to care about latest hair color trends. From the start of the human kind, women have been engaged in various hair ideas to make their hairs look fantastic and attractive. However, our modern day routine and the unhealthy food make it almost impossible to maintain high hair nourishment routine.

Furthermore, if we are talking about hairs and the changing hair fashion, then let’s talk a bit about the hair industry. Hair stylists and the hair experts are in a constant competition to come with an innovative yet convenient technique to make our hairs look super awesome.  Over the years not only hair color techniques changed, but also the means got bit modern as well. Also See; How to pick the best hair color ideas?

About Flamboyage Hair Color Technique

Flamboyage hair

Flamboyage hair color technique is evolved by famous hair stylist and art director Davines and Angelo Seminara. Flamboyage is the intelligent combo of balayage and ombre, which give your hair the ultimate vibrant yet natural look. This coloring technique is getting popular among the fashion followers. It is exactly what its creator said it is” the highlights from nature.” The Davines and Angelo salon in London Blue Tit is known as the originator of Flamboyage.

Flamboyage Vs Ombre Vs Balayage

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Flamboyage uses used transparent adhesive strip and combines ombre and balayage techniques to create innovative hair color. Hence, simple review of ombre and balayage helps to get better ideas.

Flamboyage Vs Ombre

Ombre involves the transitional lightening of the hair strands from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter shade at the ends.

Flamboyage Vs Balayage

Balayage is a technique of free-handing the color through small triangular sections onto a foil giving a gradual transition into a lighter shade. Also see Ombre vs Balayage – Techniques and rules.

The introduction of ombre and balayage look encourages many to experiment with their hair without the fear of losing the natural color. However, what most of the people do not know is that the ombre and balayage have low maintenance features. Furthermore, right after the ombre and balayage hit the floor and gather all the praise to latest hair color trend; flamboyage, paint the hairs in more vibrant yet natural tone. With the new belief for the hairs now the women have the option to have a more graduated and nuanced look.

However, these two looks and the fashion trends are somewhat the extreme ends of the Flamboyage as the innovative combination of ombre and balayage, to create latest hair color trend. Akin to the balayage technique the Flamboyage also works on every kind of hairs from curly, afro to silky straight blond. Also See 10 Plus Curly Hairstyles & Tips.

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However, there is still some contrast between the two. As the Flamboyage technique uses the specially crafted adhesive strips (Flamboyage Meche), introduced by the Davines while the balance can be done with the foil paper. The sticky strips allow more precision and perfection and help the artist to give a more defined look. As in this technique, you are not going to have the more permanent hair color because of the tips of the hairs, so in Flamboyage I can say that there is less maintenance but more beauty. Do you agree or not? More about hair color ideas.

How to create a Flamboyage


The above discussion may give you an impression that maybe the Flamboyage is a very complicated hair coloring technique. However, in reality, it is the most straightforward and efficient one among latest hair color trend. Let me explain the whole coloring procedure for you so that you may have some ideas

In the Flamboyage technique, the hair expert takes some hair strands and place them on the particular kind of paper or sheet known as the Flamboyage Meche. This sheet is mainly created by the Blue Tits Saloon London for the Flamboyage coloring only. The excess hair would be removed from the sheet, and the left ones are colored to have a more natural colored scheme.

After the application of the color, the strip panel is closed the half and then sealed. Do you know there is a fund part in Flamboyage? NO, let me tell you, as the Flamboyage Meche is invisible or transparent so you can check the development of the color inside the strip. It not only gives satisfaction to the sight but also offer complete control to the hairdresser.

The Flamboyage gain the popularity as it provides the haven from doing the coloring over and over again. With the blending of the newly done hairs with the roots, it not only gives a more natural appearance but also creates a unique glowing and vibrant effect.

The Flamboyage can be efficiently applied in all kind of hairs. So my dear lady! It does not matter whether you have thick curly hairs or have fragile straight locks, Flamboyage is the perfect choice for all of you.

As far as I have noticed this technique, this technique is made for those who want ideal hairs which are not only beautiful but also understated. Whether you want to go with the single color or want to experiment with various colors this technique is going to give you a more subtle and blended appearance. Also see Best Hairdo Types & Colors for Short Hair.

Benefits of Flamboyage


The benefits associated with this fantastic coloring scheme are numerous. They are the fundamental reason behind its humongous popularity among the women of all ages. Some of the advantages about flamboyage are below. Have a look at them and then determine for yourself whether or not you want to go for it.

Flamboyage is a technique which may look quite painstaking, but I can assure you will love. It is not only because of the looks of your tresses but because of the numerous benefits associated. So why would you go to the hairdresser every time if you can add some beautiful lines to your existing color?

  • Absolutely low maintenance

Flamboyage is the alternative to have natural sun-kissed hair color. However, this is not the only benefits as the Flamboyage also present the meager maintenance cost to you. Excited? Well, you do not have to waste your money anymore for maintaining your hair coloring scheme. So listen gorgeously! Now save the payment of your next parlor appointment by having Flamboyage on your hairs.

  • More subtle natural locks


Coloring your hair in some different shade is the most daring task as you can never anticipate the outcomes. Tell me honestly, how many times, you presumed new hair color turns out to be a disaster? If you want something more towards natural with a twist, then the new Flamboyage hair color technique is just for you. It does not give a more drastic change in your locks, but at the same time gives you a more natural look. The whole magic is in the technique of applying the color. The hair stylists use the most elusive dimensions which provide the kind of a Peek-a-boo effect on the hair strand. TRUST ME your hair looks livelier and shinier than ever.

So buckle yourself for more vibrant and glossier hair in spring or summers, to give you a beachier look. Hair color may enhance or decrease your persona. No matter what we do to impress someone, but if our locks are not on point, we lack some charm always.

Although I admit our fashion industry goes from various drastic hangovers and it is entirely sensible to not to follow the new trend blindly. However, the Flamboyage is something which will give you the opportunity to tailor the technique according to your desires. If you do not want the obvious change your roots and ends, then you can change the timings of the procedure.

Moreover, if you are going to have it in the middle hairs leaving the rest, you can do that too. It all depends on how you want your locks to look. However, here I must say the hairdresser advice is also valuable. You should consult your hairdresser before any such technique. Also, do not ever try soothing at home in the first attempt.




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