How to Find the Best Hair Treatment Products


find the best hair treatment products

Based on the recent study, the average aisle intended for the hair treatment products are consists of more than 600 items. This is quite surprising especially once you hear that the aisle for skin care only contains 400 items. Beside stores, you have seen Amazon and all the products in there. The huge selections of soufflés, shampoos, mousses, and conditioners might overwhelm you. According to the survey that was released by Unilever, at least 1/3 of the populations are using hair styling merchandise. Sadly, at least 89% of them have expressed their dissatisfaction towards the hair care products.

Hair and Care:

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Find the Best Hair Treatment Products

Aside from the wide selections of hair care products in the market, our lack of understanding about our hair can complicate the entire process. Our hair is basically categorized depending on it porosity, texture, and elasticity. After you determine the type of your hair, you can choose the product that will suit your needs.

How to Determine Hair Type?

Healthy and Fine Hair

Individuals who have healthy hair normally lack the volume. The strand is considerably thinner, and it will break when exposed in certain chemical ingredients. Check products that aim to add volume to your hair. Choose hair treatment products with light ingredients and avoid the heavy ones. Never subject your hair to hours of styling.

  • Shampoo- Shampoo should be used on a daily basis to prevent wax and dirt build-up. ‘Amplifying’ and ‘Volumizing’ are the words that should be included in the hair care products. To make it easier for you, choose the shampoo that is translucent since it has a rehydrating effect.


  • Conditioner- Avoid conditioner that contains behentrimonium methosulfate and dimethicone.


  • Styler- Your hair and care styler should contain candelia wax or beeswax. For thickening spray, choose a product that contains panthenol, polyquatrenium, nylon and polyethylene elements.


Fine and Damaged Hair

best hair treatment products

Achieving the hair volume that you desire can be a struggle. However, the process can even be more challenging for individuals to find the best hair treatment products with damaged hair. You need to look for a product that will repair the damaged hair but will not make your hair bendy. Looking for hair treatment products that contain balanced moisturizing and volumizing agent will restore the beauty of your hair.


  • Shampoo- The shampoo should perfectly suits your scalp. In case it feels irritated or itchy, then you have a dry scalp, if it’s greasy, then you have an oily roots. Oily roots should use a gentle type of hair care products. This means that is should not include sodium chloride and sulfate. For the dry scalps, carrot extract and zinc pyrithione is a great solution.


  • Conditioner- ‘Repairing’ and ‘Moisturizing’ should be included in the label of the conditioner. Look for products that contain glycerin, hydrolyzed elastin, oat protein, pomegranate oil and peptides.


  • Styler- A spray that contains polyquatrenium is your best solution.


hair treatment products

Find the best hair treatment products for your hair that will deliver the best solution can be achieved if you know the right type of your hair. Aside the products, you should also know natural and home remedies to take care of your hair.




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